1987 - 1991 Birth

All members of the TEC study were born in Darwin, NT between 1987 and 1991. Retrospective birth characteristics  have been obtained from their hospital records.

People involved in this study

Associate Professor Gurmeet Singh
Senior Research Fellow and Director of Life Course Program

Related publications

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Aboriginal Birth Cohort

Pearce, M. S., Mann, K. D., Singh, G., & Sayers, S. M. (2014). Birth weight and cognitive function in early adulthood: the Australian Aboriginal birth cohort study. Journal of developmental origins of health and disease, 5(03), 240-247.

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Aboriginal Birth Cohort, Top End Cohort

Davison B, Singh GR, Oguoma VM, McFarlane J. Fingernail cortisol as a marker of chronic stress exposure in Indigenous and non-Indigenous young adults. Stress. 2019:1-10.

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Aboriginal Birth Cohort

Lawrance, Megan, Susan M. Sayers, and Gurmeet R. Singh. "Challenges and strategies for cohort retention and data collection in an indigenous population: Australian Aboriginal Birth Cohort." BMC medical research methodology 14.1 (2014): 31.

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